[Random] First time blogging

whoaaa.. i don’t know how to express this.. this is my first time for blogging, since i’m not really like to write and express my thought, feeling into words.. i don’t write any diary like other kids when usually kids have a book to express what they think..

actually, around i was at junior high school (2002), blog was very popular and i have no idea what’s blog? a short article in teen magazine discussed about it and at that time i finally knew about blog. after that, i didn’t pay attention much when most of my friends who love to online (at that time internet was a very high level things and the connection was very awful XD~), did blog and share what they thought about something. i love to online and i just could get connection by visiting internet cafe T__T
back then around 2006 when i knew kpop for the first time, i have to browse lots about fandom things like that and i finally used blog as my source to look for about my idols (beside forum). still, i only a reader and didn’t have any attention to start blog.
with rapid growth of kpop since 2009, blog is the best way to share all about korean things and now i used to read blog. until one day, i asked my friend about blogging. she recommended me to use LJ as personal blog cz it’s easier than other blog.
i decide to use blog cz i want to share anything about cosmetic reviews. yes, kpop brings huge impact for my life. actually, i don’t really like make up until i was joining dance group and i have to do make up by my own self. since i fell in love in kpop and korean things, i also started to look for all about korean cosmetics.
hehehe.. my reason to start blogging is because i want to share about cosmetics.
enjoy ^^

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