[Review] Opera Moist Water Eye Color

When apply eye shadow on the eyes, we should apply eye shadow base first.Basically eye shadow base has function for strenghtening  color of the eye shadow.

Actually, when i started to learn about make up (around 2006), i didn’t know much about it. Until my senior dancer told me if appliying eye shadow base, it would help the eye shadow more colorful, matte finishing and long lasting.Shortly, i used to apply it before appliying the eye shadow.

Here’s my favourite eye shadow base, Opera Moist Water Eye Color. It’s Japan’s cosmetic brand.

ImageBasically it’s multifunction product. Not also as an eye shadow base, but it can be used as glitter for highlighting eye shadow. But, still i only use it for eye shadow base cz when i applied as glitter it didn’t work long last.


I applied a little in my hand


Here’s the result when i spreaded and applied the eye shadow (i used NYX single eye shadow ES111-Irises). The top part is w/o the base and the bottom part is with the base.

Actually the color of NYX single eye shadow is  lil bit mix of blue, torquise, green and comes with mix glittering and matte result. Since  i applied the base first, it became more matte result and stronger color.


Here’s i put a little on my eye, before i applied the eye shadow. Just put a little and spread in messy way. Don’t spread too hard or it’ll be vanish XD~


Time to apply the eye shadow and tadaaaaa! Electric color which i love so much!


And this was my eyes w/o the base. The color wasn’t strong as the first one


For the comparison both of my eyes

What i love

– Best eye shadow base i’ve ever used! The result is very excellent!

– Actually it has 4 colors : purple (like what i have), baby pink, baby blue and white (before use purple, it’s my first color). Compare both color (purple-white), the result is still same. Basically, it has same tone after apply it on eyes.

– Not really pricey. If i’m not wrong, it only IDR75.000

What i dislike

– The booth of Opera cosmetic was closed now in my city (Yogyakarta) around 2011. But i still can find the booth in Surabaya, East Java. Around August 2012, when i visited Surabaya, the booth was closed too. Now, idk where to buy this product T__T

– After apply, must be quickly put the eye shadow or it’ll be dry very soon.

– Not good as highlight and glitter

Rate 5/5

Definitely repurchase. But dunno where to buy it T___T


[Random] First time blogging

whoaaa.. i don’t know how to express this.. this is my first time for blogging, since i’m not really like to write and express my thought, feeling into words.. i don’t write any diary like other kids when usually kids have a book to express what they think..

actually, around i was at junior high school (2002), blog was very popular and i have no idea what’s blog? a short article in teen magazine discussed about it and at that time i finally knew about blog. after that, i didn’t pay attention much when most of my friends who love to online (at that time internet was a very high level things and the connection was very awful XD~), did blog and share what they thought about something. i love to online and i just could get connection by visiting internet cafe T__T
back then around 2006 when i knew kpop for the first time, i have to browse lots about fandom things like that and i finally used blog as my source to look for about my idols (beside forum). still, i only a reader and didn’t have any attention to start blog.
with rapid growth of kpop since 2009, blog is the best way to share all about korean things and now i used to read blog. until one day, i asked my friend about blogging. she recommended me to use LJ as personal blog cz it’s easier than other blog.
i decide to use blog cz i want to share anything about cosmetic reviews. yes, kpop brings huge impact for my life. actually, i don’t really like make up until i was joining dance group and i have to do make up by my own self. since i fell in love in kpop and korean things, i also started to look for all about korean cosmetics.
hehehe.. my reason to start blogging is because i want to share about cosmetics.
enjoy ^^